Cloud, secure timestamp service plus+

The cloud service is on-demand creation of e-TimeStamps with 99.99% availability for 20+ years.

Industrial grade:

  • The clock is secured             - system administrators do not manage the clock
  • FIPS Level 4 certified           - the SecureTime robot cannot be bribed.
  • High availability                     - it simply works, always
  • 7 year renewal warranty    -. Quantum computing risk managed.
  • DigiStamp has been in the trusted timestamp business for 20+ years.

DigiStamp is the most trustworthy and reliable RFC3161 provider, more detail on how we out perform other providers here.

DigiStamp offers a free GUI tools for creating timestamps and system developers can use the open, standard, interface and API Toolkit to access our Internet-based timestamp servers within their existing software. If you've already built digital signature capabilities into your system -- with in-house software or third-party programs like BouncyCastle or Adobe Acrobat-- you can probably configure your current system to use DigiStamp. Here is a list of software alternatives.

The data that you timestamp can be in any format. Only the data hash value (e.g. SHA512 hash) is transmitted to timestamp servers; your data is never transmitted outside of your environment.

Free Evaluation Account

There is no charge to use our test servers for your evaluation.  Account Set-Up.

Security and Reliability

Redundant, geographically-separated servers are used to ensure continual access to DigiStamp’s service. You select one of the DigiStamp server locations; however, in the event the selected server is temporarily unavailable, the client software can automatically failover to another server. DigiStamp continually monitors server utilization to ensure availability and response time. See the description of our certified hardware and the audit process; the DigiStamp approach removes all possible human tampering from the process and puts the trust into audited, NIST-certified hardware.

Technical Details

During your evaluation, you may want to know some of the technical details and your options that are described here.


Complete pricing information is available here, a summary is available below.  Tools like the SecureTime API and Proxy are no additional charge.    Write to us and we can review options and details.
Annual Volume Level
Cost per TimeStamp

Prices include the 
extra cost for sub-second
response time guarantee.

  240,000     $0.045  
  1,200,000      $0.022  

or the SecureTime Server
an on premises option