Adobe Acrobat Timestamp Servers

   Easily add SecureTime® proof to your PDF document

Adobe® Acrobat products have built-in support for adding a secure timestamp to your PDF document.  We will show you how to do the configuration below.

Supported Versions: Adobe Acrobat 7 and newer support both digital signatures and trusted timestamping.


Value added: A trusted third-party witness to the contents of your document, how it appeared at that point in time, proof. Or, alternatively you can also digitally sign your document.  If a digital signature is used, the timestamps adds these protections to both the content and your digital signature (more information is here).


Privacy maintained: Timestamping does not send your document over the internet - only a SHA hash of the signature is sent to DigiStamp to create the timestamp (more information is here).  


No additional files needed:  The document, digital signature, and trusted timestamp exist together in the single .PDF file.


What is the Adobe® Acrobat Timestamp Server support?       

Here's an example PDF file that you can download to view and verify on your computer with Adobe Reader. (More Samples Here) Summary: The content of this PDF file has been notarized by DigiStamp via an electronic timestamp. This is evidence that this content and your signature existed at a point-in-time. You can view this evidence using Adobe Acrobat on your computer. This file's content cannot be altered without the tampering being detected by the Acrobat Reader software.


Get Started

Timestamps start at $.40 ($10 minimum), creating an account is quick and easy. Volume pricing information is available here. Complementary solutions can be explored here, and other tools including our web applications are discussed here.

Adobe provides instructions about how to configure timestamps in Adobe Reader 8 at this link (alternatively, this link). Or, we provide instructions below for versions 9+.


For further information on the Acrobat products contact Adobe Systems (  

Configuration Instructions

Users Evaluating our Service with a Test Account: Test account users will need to use certificates and URLs for test accounts.


Step 1

Setup Acrobat 9 to use DigiStamp timestamp servers
Setup Acrobat X to use DigiStamp timestamp servers
Setup Acrobat DC or XI to use DigiStamp timestamp servers

Step 2

Configure Acrobat 9 to trust DigiStamp timestamps
Configure Acrobat X to trust DigiStamp timestamps
Configure Acrobat DC or XI to trust DigiStamp timestamps