Subscriptions to timestamp services start at $10 for 3 months!

Create an account ($10 provides credit for 30 timestamps and full service for 90 days)

Add money / maintain your existing account

How to create a timestamp:  You can use our web applications.  Other options, for example, Adobe, Microsoft or other products that support standard timestamps.  You can use our developer toolkits (SecureTime API Toolkit) for no charge.

Verifying the authenticity of an existing timestamp or signature can be done without accessing our service and therefore, there is never a charge.

Non-profit organizations that are performing public domain research can use the service at reduced costs. DigiStamp's founders are scientists themselves.

Subscriptions for Service

Your subscription will give you timestamp credits to use on any of our Internet-based server locations (www, Dallas and Chicago) and access to the DigiStamp Archive for all of the timestamp you create. We use redundant, geographically-separated locations to ensure continual access to DigiStamp’s service. Automatic failover between the DigiStamp server locations is built into our software.


Billing and subscription period
Rollover unused
TSs to next period
Cost per timestamp 
if need extra



3 months





1 month





1 month





1 month





1 month





1 month





1 month




Signed Agreements with Guaranteed Service:


1 year





1 year




2.5 million

1 year




More plans available


SecureTime Server
in-house option


A subscription is for use of our services within a single organization. Please send us your volume expectations and we can demonstrate your costs over time. If you are not the relying party for a timestamp, you are a reseller and will have different pricing.

To receive Guaranteed Service, we require that you commit to a minimum 12-month period. Evaluation periods are available. If your expected usage is less than 1000 timestamps / month, then we ask you to use a normal subscription. If your monthly usage is going to be more than 1000 timestamps / month, we can can provide Guaranteed Service and monthly invoices.

All accounts include a rate limitation, Guaranteed Service means you will never experience a wait time longer than 1 second while making requests at, or below, a rate of 1 per second. The complete license agreement is here.

SecureTime Server is a hardware unit that you can purchase and install at your site for use within your company (details here).


SecureTime server 
and license
Annual maintenance
and audit service


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