Timestamping FAQs - Industry standards and technology


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Industry-focused questions

How does this toolkit aid the application programmer?
Why sell a service instead of a product?
Why do I keep my own timestamps instead of DigiStamp?
How does e-TimeStamp compare to other timestamping products and services available?
Could this service assist in creating a receipt in an e-commerce transaction?
What types of files can be timestamped?
What are the limits to the size of the files that can be timestamped?
What are the security/integrity features of SecureTime?

Technology-focused questions

How tamper-proof are the timestamps ?
Will my DigiStamp timestamp expire?
How do I verify a timestamp using public sources?
How is a timestamp verified?
What industry standards are supported?
What is the accuracy of the DigiStamp clock?
How do we synchronize our clocks with an authoritative source?