PDF signature and timestamp tools


If you already have the tools to sign a PDF file, for example if you own Acrobat Professional, then you can use our timestamp service, instructions are here: PDF timestamp service.


Or, if you want a simpler method that does not use PDF files we recommend our web application or desktop software. (Most of our retail customers use these methods).


Always feel free to write to us if you need help deciding how to best use e-TimeStamp service, click here.


If you need a tool to create a signature for a PDF file, then the toolkit described below can help. This toolkit was intended for use by software developers. This is a recent tool and we appreciate any feedback that you have.    

Customers asked for a way to sign and timestamp a PDF file

We have several new customers from the European Union who are using timestamps in their e-Invoicing process. We helped these customers by creating a toolkit to sign and timestamp PDF files.

The PDF signing toolkit is free – it is written in Java and uses open source tools. The PDF signature toolkit is intended for use by software developer to integrate with your existing invoicing system.

Get started PDF signing

The technology is no longer expensive and it has become easier to use. You supply a PDF file and your signing keys; then the Java toolkit creates a signed and timestamped copy of the PDF file.

Please let us know how we can help. Use the feedback page or send an email to support@digistamp.com.


References that may be helpful in your research

In the U.S. and many European countries such as Germany, the U.K. and Italy, digital signatures have the same value as a handwritten signature. The digital signature is the most widely recognized method that authenticates the source of invoices and protects the documents' integrity.


What does an e-invoice as a PDF that is signed and timestamped look like? Here is an example. Open the invoice in Acrobat Reader. The signing certificates will initially show as un-trusted until you accept the signer using this method. More detail on certificate acceptance here.

Reference: European Electronic Invoicing (EEI) Final Report is incorporated in the VAT Directive 2006/112/EC .


Reference: The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) published E-invoices and digital signatures in CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 15579, July 2006. The CEN workshop on eInvoicing web site has several helpful documents and next meeting notices here.