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Toolkit functions to create and verify a time stamp

Create a Time Stamp



1. Calculate the hash of your data object. DigiStamp currently requires the use of a SHA-1 hash.
2. Create the encoded time stamp request for transmission to Digistamp. Toolkit function DgsTSHash.    The ASN encoded time stamp request is returned. The request include your document hash, algoritym identifier and an optional random number (nonce).
3. Transmitt the time stamp request over the internet. The most recent list of production and account servers is maintained at our WEB site.  For example, TSA1.DIGISTAMP.COM    or TSATEST1.DIGISTAMP.COM

The production servers require client authentication.  Client authentication if via account and password.Other availableclient authentication options :  CMS and client side SSL certificate.   Contact DigiStamp about account setup. 

4. Decode the server reponse.   Check for error conditions and construct a PKCS 7 encode message. Toolkit function DgsTSResponse

Following steps are optional.

5. Decode the PCKS 7 message.   Extract the TSTInfo contained in field eContent. The PCKS 7 message returned is standard encoded message.  The content type 1.2.840.11359.  The eContent is TSTInfo.
6. Decode the TSTInfo and extract information attributes of a Time Stamp. Toolkit function DgsTSGetParam
If the optional nonce was provided with the request it can be confirmed within DigiStamp response.
The time (GMT) of the time stamp can be displayed.
7. Verify the time stamp. Using the steps described below.

Verify a Time Stamp



A. Verify the hash of the data object is contained in the time stamp.  
      See steps 5 and 6 above. Extract the hash contained in the time stamp using Toolkit function DgsTSGetParam.    Recalculate the hash of the data object.  If these two hash are equivalent then this time stamp is for the data object.
B. Verify the DigiStamp signature.  
     This operation depends on your environment. The PCKS 7 message returned from Toolkit function DgsTSResponse  is encoded to IETF standards.

Please contact DigiStamp with your platform delivery requirements.



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