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The DgsTSResponse function is given the data that was returned from the DigiStamp server.  This function decodes the status information.  If status is good the constructs a PCKS 7 message that contains the time stamp.

DWORD DgsTSResponse(
  BYTE *pbTimeStampBlob,              // in
  DWORD pcbTimeStampBlob,             // in
  BYTE **pbMsgBlob,                    // out
  DWORD *pcbMsgBlob,                  // in/out


The response from the DigiStamp server.  Contains a encoded time stamp response.  The time stamp response has status information and optionally the signed data object that is the time stamp..
Size, in bytes, of the pbTimeStampBlob buffer.
The time stamp.  Returned as an encoded PKCS 7 message. If status is an error condition then pbMsgBlob is not returned.  The caller of the function is responsible for deleting the memory allocated to hold this value.
Pointer to a DWORD specifying the size, in bytes, of the pbMsgBlob buffer. When the function returns, this variable contains the size, in bytes, of the signed and encoded message.

Return Values

If the function succeeds, the return value is zero.  Return codes other that zero are describe below.  The numberical values are defined of the toolkit header files.

Error code Description
DGS_ERROR_MORE_DATA If the buffer specified by the pbTimeStampBlob parameter is not large enough to hold the returned data, the function sets the ERROR_MORE_DATA code, and stores the required buffer size, in bytes, into the variable pointed to by pcbTimeStampBlob.
DGS_NOT_SUPPORTED Unsupported Hash Algorithm
DGS_BAD_REQUEST Transaction not permitted or supported.
DGS_FORMAT Data submitted has wrong format (e.g. Hash length does not match Algorithm)
DGS_TIME_NA DigiStamp server not available.
DGS_UNACCEPT_POLICY Request policy not supported by DigiStamp
DGS_EXT_NA Request extension not supported by DigiStamp
DGS_INFO_NA Additional information requested not available.
DGS_NO_CONNECT Connection to the Internet could not be established.
DGS_TSR_PARM Request did not include a time stamp request (TSR)
DGS_ACCT_PARM Request did not include an account value (AN)
DGS_SIG_PARM Request did not include an account verification value (SIG)
DGS_ACCT_NF The account number specified was not valid.
DGS_TSR_B64 The base 64 encoding of the time stamp request was not valid.
DGS_SIG_B64 The base 64 encoding of the account verification value was not valid.
DGS_ACCT_PWD The account and password combination could not be verified.
DGS_ACCT_FUNDS The account did not have adequate funds to process the request.

    03 February, 2000


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