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Toolkit using MS CryptoAPI to create and verify a time stamp

SecureTime Toolkit functions

Time stamp create

Given a digital signature or data file, communicates with DigiStamp time stamp servers and returns a Time Stamp.  The Time Stamp is returned as a PKCS 7 encoded message.  DgsTimeStampRequest

Time stamp verify

Given a Time Stamp and a key store verifies returns a true/false. DgsTimeStampVerify  Time stamps are verified on your machine using the x.509 public key certificate.
Low level functions These are utilitized by the above functions.

Construct an encoded Time Stamp request.  DgsTSHash
Decode a server response and construct a PKCS 7 encoded message. DgsTSResponse
Decodes and extract the TSTInfo information attributes of a Time Stamp.  DgsTSGetParam
Decode error codes and prints error messages to the standard error.  DgsHandleError


SecureTime Toolkit structures


Set time stamp server usage preferences.  Configues the user environment to talk with our server.  DGS_TIMESTAMP_PARA

Example programs

Time stamp data

Given a user provided data content, then use the toolkit to create a time stamp.  The time stamp is then verified.

Time stamp a Digital Signature

Creates an demonstration digital signature of your data.   Use the toolkit to time stamp the digital signature.  You will need to have a private signing key to execute this example.

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