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The DGS_TIMESTAMP_PARA structure contains configuration information for toolkit operation.  Specifies which time stamp servers to use and server failover choices.   This structure defined by the calling program and is then used as input to other DigiStamp toolkit functions.

typedef struct _DGS_TIMESTAMP_PARA {
    char   *acctId;
    void   *password;
    BOOL   sslFlag;
    char   *listOfServers[16];
    BOOL   roundRobin;
    INT    timeOut;
    INT    retryNum;
    INT    serverTimeOut;


Your DigiStamp account ID
Your DigiStamp account password. Please note that your password will never be trnsmitted over the wire.
Flag to indicate if the communication to DigiStamp server should be done over SSL
Array of null terminated strings. The order in which to use specific DigiStamp servers.  Current servers are "TSA1" and "TSA2".  TSA1 is located in Dallas TX and TSA2 is in Virginia.  The test server are "TSATEST1" and "TSATEST2".  If not specified then the default "TSA1" is assumed.
Use the time-stamp servers in the list in a round-robin fashion.  This has no effect if there are not multiple server names provided in the listOfServers.
How long to wait for a response from the time-stamp server before failing.   In some configurations the toolkit will not be able to extend the timeout beyond operating system setttings.
If a "timeOut" condition occurs then how many times should the time-stamp request be retried.  If a list of multiple servers has been specified then the next server in the list will be accessed for the time-stamp request.    Default is 3.
If a specific time-stamp server failed to respond before timeOut, then how long should be wait before it is used again in a time stamp request.  If only one server name in ListOfServers then this has no effect.  Default is 5 minutes.


The client application should create this structure just once and then reuese for each subsequent call to create a time stamp.  None of the DigiStamp toolkit APIs modify the values of the fields within the structure.

  18 April, 2000


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