Sign and Time Stamp a PDF file
SecureTime API Toolkit   

Includes a command line program to create a signed and time stamped PDF file. The input is your existing PDF file and your “signing credentials”. See the “demos” directory. Java source code is included.

DigiStamp SecureTime PDF Toolkit README FILE
Version 3.2 October 25, 2009
(C) Copyright 2008-2009. DigiStamp, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in the SecureTime toolkit. This document contains information on how to use the supplied Java Library. Documentation on the software components of the toolkit is in the HTML document that is delivered with the software. The attached sample programs will help you quickly retrieve your first time stamp.

The toolkit is delivered in a zip file that contains the documentation and sample programs. Unzip the into a directory that you create, for example, name it "digistamp".

You will need to establish an account with DigiStamp to request time stamps from the servers. Account set-up is at the DigiStamp web site; test / evaluation account or a production / paid account.


The toolkit library allows adding signature and time stamping to an existing PDF file.

API Documentation

The SecureTime API documentation describes the classes and their public interface. See the:

License Terms

Delivered with the software is a file DigistampLicense.html. Please review the license carefully. You must accept this license or delete your copies of the software. If you have questions or concerns about the license please contact DigiStamp before proceeding with use of the toolkit.
Third-Party Legal Notices Certain third-party software distributed distributed or bundled with this DigiStamp toolkit. Such third-party software is separately licensed by its copyright holder:

iText libraries

Included in this distribution is a copy of iText - by Bruno Lowagie, Adolf Baeyensstraat 121, 9040 Gent, BELGIUM
- distributed under MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE Version 1.1, see file: MPL-1.1.txt
- The source code and original works are available at:
- The changes made to the iText library are described in article: “PDF-Digital-signature-with-timestamp Jul 25, 2007

TextBouncyCastle license

Support Requests, Bug Reports, and Requests for Enhancements

Internet Email:
It is important to us that we receive your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Sample Programs

Edit the file to input your DigiStamp Account number and password before running the demo programs..
The sample programs are the quickest way to review and learn the toolkit. Documentation is included with the API documentation ( see package dgs.tlkt.demo ).
The source code for the demos is included with the toolkit delivery. This source also demonstrates using the underlying Java VM to perform signature and certificate chain verification.
1. Sign and Time Sample a PDF file
To run the sample programs, see the DemoPDF.bat file in the "demo" directory where you installed the toolkit.
The demo program named has source code documentation that explains how to configure and run this demo.
There is additional information on PDF signatures here: After you create the new signed and times tamped file, please review this signature properties using Acrobat Reader and this method:

Technical notes

Related / helpful links
Details and examples of using iText to create a digital signature
Proxy servers
Using the toolkit behind a proxy server requires VM level commands:
// configure the VM to use a communications proxy
// your proxy server address:
// your proxy server port:

Change History

October 25, 2009 v3.2

Using iText version 2.1.7 support for time stamping reduced the custom code that was needed..

April 14, 2009 v3.1.Beta.1

Modifications to iText were isolated into a sinlge changed class. DigiStamp toolkit components had significant changes in class and package names.

November 14, 2008

Add a demo program to demonstrate signing and time stamping a PDF file. The structure of the delivery archive was changed to support additional demo programs.


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