Sign and Timestamp a PDF document

Sign and timestamp a PDF file.


com.digistamp.pdf Sign and time stamp a PDF file.
com.digistamp.pdf.test Code demonstrating how you would write your client code to use this API.
com.digistamp.tsp Time Stamp Authority Client interface implementation using DigiStamp time stamp servers.


Sign and timestamp a PDF file.

Reviewing the source code for the demonstration program will provide a good way to quickly begin using the toolkit. See the link below to "PdfSignerDemo" demonstration program. The processing includes:

  1. Input an existing PDF file that has no signatures.
  2. Open your private keystore and sign the PDF file.
  3. Create and send a time stamp request.
  4. Output a PDF file that can then be opened in Acrobat Reader where the signature and signature timestamp are authenticated.

Requires Java libraries from:

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