Install Java and then run the Application   


If you have already run the install process and the IP Protector application did not start after saying "Java Loading..." then you will need to restart your computer. On some computers, after the initial install then a restart of your computer is needed. After the restart of your computer, return to this page and start the application by using "2nd time here" step.

One-time Java update 

Sun Microsystem's Java software provides the foundation for our IP Protector software.

Click on the button to access the Sun Microsystems website for the Java Software Download:


Complete the Java install / update and then return here to run the IP Protector software.

Run IP-Protector

Just click and run the application.

If there are any problems, click here.

Are you an Apple (OS X) user? Then click here instead

The Java web site is here:

You need to have "administrator" privileges to install the Java update software. After the one-time install, then you will be able to use the IP Protector software from a limited access user account.

Need an Account?

Click Here to create an account.

Have Questions About the Software?

A guide for its use is available here.

Answers to many questions are avaible on the FAQ page for the IP Protector.