Verify a Digital Signature or Timestamp in IP Protector


e-TimeStamps can also be created and verified with our API Toolkit, web applications, and other software which supports RFC 3161 like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office and others. DigiStamp would be happy to discuss your PKI timestamp needs.


Verification requires your unaltered file and e-TimeStamp but can be performed with any standards-supporting software. More information here.

Software setup

You will need to install the DigiStamp software to verify the authenticity of a digital signature or time stamp. There is no charge for using the software to perform verify actions. 

You can install the software here: Install and run. The account setup is not required if you are using the software just to verify a signature or time stamp.

Acquiring Signed Files

In the case where someone has e-mailed to you an attachment that contains the signed files, then you will need to save these attachments to your computer. In many email packages you, can "right click" on the attachment as choose "save"; this will copy the attachments from inside the email to a file(s) on your computer.


Start the IP Protector and Click the Import Tab

In the example below, the file that contains the time stamps, signatures, and the original documents is a "ZIP" file named Alternatively, if you have a .P7S file it will be easiest if you place it in the same directory as the content it protects.  As long as they are in the same folder, importing the .P7S file should also import the protected file. Otherwise, import both, for example: InventV1.doc.P7S and InventV1.doc .



The software matches the signatures (files of type ".P7S") with their associated signed documents. The signatures are verified and then displayed in a "Preview" screen.



The above example is the preview of a time stamp. To see the view of a digital signature click here.

If there is a problem that prevents the time stamp or signature for verifying correctly, then you will be shown an error message. Here are examples:


You can import individual files or the files contained within a zip file.


importButton.gif The software will initially present the signature and time stamps to you in a preview mode. In the preview display, you can see the results of verifying each item. But, the files and their signatures/time stamp will be lost when you close the software. You can choose to "import" any of the items that are in the preview and this will save them for reference later. The signed and time stamp documents will be saved on your computer (after clicking import, the software will ask where to save the original documents).


adSigButton.gif and importSaveButton.gif

A common use for our software is allowing multiple people signing the same document - like you would do with a contract agreement this printed on paper. If you have been asked to add your signature to a document, then you can use the preview screen described above. The preview screen has a button "Add signature" that will allow you to create your signature. Then, use the "save" button to write the signature to a file on your computer, ready to be returned by email.


helpButton.gif Press the help button in the upper right of the window for additional information. for more details.


Exporting your File and Timestamp for Easy Storage

Instructions for exporting your protected content are available here.

Please note that you must complete the import process (by pressing the Import button while viewing your preview) as stated above, before exporting.