DigiStamp for Evidence Preservation

Litigation cost Fortune 500 $200 billion in 2006. The issue of digital document authenticity is a growing concern for judges.

Your business or customers are better prepared with:

  • Protection from spoilage for the long-term
  • Evidence in standard format, traceable to audited events
  • Inclusion of content, metadata, and audit logs
  • Witnessing by a trusted third-party – without revealing data
  • Freedom to use any format, anywhere in the world
  • Preservation in place or in backup

Does your legal hold system produce evidence traceable to third-party audited events in compliance with long-term data integrity standards?

Digital data is easy manipulated: access controls and audit logs limit this but require trusted administrators. Will the court trust your administrators?

Will the court trust your administrators?

Strengthen your archiving for litigation readiness with DigiStamp's e-TimeStamp.

Delivered as a cloud service, the e-TimeStamp is easy to integrate thanks to use of US & EU standards for communications and certificates. This audited, third-party, evidence is created on-demand without any new infrastructure to maintain. At a volume of 2 million records per year, you can prove the integrity of every record while spending only $19,000.


These organizations have already chosen DigiStamp to protect their records:


Integration Made Easy

Multiple APIs and compatability with other standards-supporting software gives a wide range of integration options. We also have 15 years of experience available throughout the process.